Volkswagen reveals ID.4’s new light design

Volkswagen’s next electric vehicle, the ID.4, has already started production in Zwickau, Germany, and is expected in the US later this year and Canada early next year.

Leading up to the official unveiling of the electric SUV later this week, VW has been releasing pieces of information about the vehicle. Last week we saw it showing off its rugged ‘off-road’ side, as well as towing a large utility trailer.

Today the German automaker showed off the new headlight and tailight design, which it calls an “integral part of the electric SUV’s design concept.

The new IQ.Light with LED matrix headlight, an optional item on the ID.4, will consist of 11 individual LEDs. Each one can be independently turned off or dimmed, allowing it to illuminate the road “as brightly as possible without dazzling road users.

VW ID4 headlight

The headlights are designed with illuminated rings to resemble a human eye, and even behave like one when a driver approaches the vehicle by “opening” and swiveling side to side.

Also optional, the new taillights will be using 3D LED lights, a first for the automaker. They will have two special animations which the driver can switch between, and will play when the approaching or leaving the EV.

VW ID4 taillight

They will also feature dynamic turn signals, starting from the inside toward the outside to clearly convey which direction the car will be turning. Hopefully Tesla introduces similar dynamic taillights with the Model 3 refresh.

Source: Volkswagen

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