Electrify Canada to install overhead canopies at all of its EV charging stations


ELectrify Canada opened their first electric vehicle charging station in Toronto last year with plans to install 32 more across four provinces by the end of 2020.

Now the company has announced a new design feature of overhead canopies that will eventually be added to all of its charging stations.

Made of aluminum, the canopies will serve several functions that will enhance the charging experience for EV drivers. Probably the biggest will be the protection from the sometimes harsh Canadian climate, which can range from heat waves in the summer to blizzards and blowing snow in the winter.

The canopies will also feature bright overhead lighting, increasing the visibility of the charging stations and making it safer to charge at night.

Electrify Canada already provides a quick and convenient way to charge up your EV, and we believe the installation of these new canopies will further enhance the charging experience at our stations,” said Robert Barrosa, chief operating officer, Electrify Canada. “While we can’t control the weather, we can help the drivers using our chargers feel sheltered and protected from whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

The first canopy has already been installed at the Canadian Tire in Agincourt, just outside of Toronto. They will be part of the construction of new stations, and will eventually be added to all of their locations.

Electrify Canada recently expanded west into British Columbia opening stations in Merritt , Salmon Arm, and Kelowna. The company hopes to have 11 more stations open in B.C. before the end of the year.

Electrify Canada BC map August 24

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