Tesla encouraging business owners in Vancouver & Toronto to apply to host a Supercharger

It is no secret that Tesla vehicles are extremely popular in Canada. After the introduction of the federal iZEV rebate in May 2019, sales of the Model 3 helped burn through more than $134 million of its 3-year $300 million budget in the first 8 months of the program.

With all those new Teslas on the road, extra strain is placed on the Supercharger network, especially in the two parts of the country with the highest concentration of Teslas, Vancouver & Toronto.

According to the automaker, Vancouver is the fastest growing market for Tesla in Canada. In the average month, a typical Supercharger in Metro Vancouver sees between 2,000 and 5,000 customer visits (charge sessions) per month. That works out to between 66 and 166 sessions per day.

In an effort to rapidly expand its Supercharger network to cope with the increased demand, Tesla has opened a new application process for business owners in both Vancouver & Toronto to host a future Supercharger station.

According to information received by Drive Tesla, the automaker is looking to add at least one new Supercharger in every city in the lower mainland, with winning sites receiving the newest V3 Superchargers.

The application process opened today, November 17 2020, and runs until December 18, 2020. Applications are awarded points in the “Merit Criteria” section of the application, up to a maximum of 80.

Short-listed applicants will receive a Supercharger agreement as early as January 8, 2021.

Tesla Supercharger application process and timeline

If all goes well, the first Superchargers built out of this new process will begin construction in Q3 or Q4 2021. The remaining projects will be built in 2022.

If you think your business or property is a good site for a Supercharger station in Vancouver, click here for the application form. For potential Toronto sites, click here for the application form.

You can read more about the program, and the benefits of hosting a Supercharger on your property on Tesla’s website.

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