Volkswagen ID.4 buyers to get 3 years of free charging with Electrify Canada [Update]

Buyers of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 in Canada will receive three years of unlimited, DC fast-charging for free. Volkswagen Canada announced the deal this morning in partnership with Electrify Canada.

With a maximum DC fast charge rate of 125 kW, VW ID.4 owners will be able to take full advantage of Electrify Canada’s 150kW chargers. The electric SUV will be able to charge from 5% to 80% in about 38 minutes on the network.

The partnership comes just weeks after Electrify Canada announced plans to more than doubel its network from 27 stations with 108 chargers to more than 100 stations with more than 500 chargers by the end of 2025. The expansion will also see the network stretch into nine provinces, allowing EV owners to drive from coast-to-coast across Canada.

“As Electrify Canada continues to expand its network across Canada and makes fast-charging more accessible, it’s even easier for consumers to make the transition to an EV. Collaborating with Volkswagen Canada to offer complimentary charging can enhance the EV ownership experience, helping us move towards our goal to make electric mobility a viable solution for all,” said Robert Barrosa, senior director of sales, business development and marketing at Electrify Canada.

The ID.4 was originally planned to begin deliveries in Canada later this summer, but only in Quebec and British Columbia, the two provinces with the highest rates of EV adoption in the country.

That date has now been delayed to possibly as far back as December 2021.

UPDATE: Since the press release specifically mentioned the deal applies to 2021 model year ID.4 vehicles, and because very few deliveries will happen this year, we reached out to Volkswagen Canada to find out if the deal would be extended to 2022 model year buyers. In a statement to Drive Tesla, a spokesperson confirmed a deal for 2022 ID.4 buyers is in the works and an announcement should be made soon.

Electrify Canada has previously partnered with VW to offer a similar deal for e-Golf owners, as well as Porsche and Audi for the Taycan and e-tron GT.

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