Volkswagen ID.4 Pro gets official 418km EPA rating, added to federal and provincial rebate lists

Volkswagen has announced the upcoming ID.4 Pro has officially received its fuel economy ratings from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). On a full charge, the rear-wheel drive electric SUV will travel 418km (260 miles).

That figure is 16km (10 miles) further than the all-wheel drive ID.4 1st and Pro S versions, both of which received 402km (250 miles) ratings last year. Efficiency wise the RWD ID.4 Pro gets a combined 99MPGe (211Wh/km) in city and highway driving.

The rating has not yet been added to the EPA website.

VW ID4 EPA ranges

Interestingly the EPA rating differs from what the automaker revealed for Canada, and also from the official Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) fuel consumption rating.

When the ID.4 Pro was announced for Canada last week, the press release said it would be able to travel 400km (248 miles) on a full charge. This is the same number that appears on the NRCan website. The Canadian version does exclusively include a heat pump, but that should increase the range, not decrease it.

ID4 Pro NRCan rating

We have reached out to Volkswagen Canada for clarification, but have not received a reply at the time of publication. We will update this article when we do.

VW ID.4 Rebates in Canada

Transport Canada has officially added both the RWD and AWD ID.4 Pro variants to the list of eligible vehicles under the iZEV program. With the RWD variant priced at $44,995, $5 below the program threshold, the more expensive AWD variant also qualifies for the $5,000 federal incentive.

VW ID4 iZEV rebate Image via Transport Canada

Depending on where you live in Canada, additional rebates may apply. British Columbia’s provincial rebate website also now lists the ID.4 Pro as eligible for a $3,000 incentive.

ID4 CEV rebate Image via CEV for BC

Quebec’s Roulez Vert rebate website has not yet been updated, but it is also expected to qualify for the $8,000 incentive in that province.

Nova Scotia also has a new rebate program, with all the same vehicles that qualify for the iZEV rebate also qualifying for their $3,000 incentive. Details for the Prince Edward Island EV rebate are unavailable at this time.

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