VinFast announces EV battery subscription costs for Canada

VinFast is planning to launch two electric SUVs, the VF8 and VF9 in Canada later this year. The Vietnamese automaker is taking the unconventional approach of pricing their vehicles without a battery, meaning buyers will have to fork out an additional monthly payment on top of any payments they have to finance the car itself.

In addition to having to pay extra for the battery, you are also subject to mileage limits, much like a traditional vehicle lease.

The company has revealed the battery subscription pricing in the US in April, and this week they have announced their pricing for Canadians, offering two choices depending on how much you drive.

VinFast Flexible Battery Subscription Plan

Under the Flexible Plan, buyers of the VF8 and VF9 will both be limited to 500km (310 miles) per month for $39 or $59 respectively. If you go over that limit VF8 owners will billed $0.09 and VF9 owners $0.11 for every extra kilometer.

VinFast Fixed Battery Subscription Plan

If you plan to do more driving than 500km per month, the Fixed Plan might be a better choice. Buyers of the VF8 will pay $139 per month, while for the VF9 it will cost $199 per month.

The pricing is comparable to what is being offered in the US when you take into account the exchange rate.

Flexible Plan Fixed Plan
VF8 $39 $35 $139 $110
VF9 $59 $40 $199 $160

Much like what is being offered in the US, the battery leases include a warranty where it will be replaced for free it if the capacity drops below 70% of its original amount, even if the vehicle is not with the original owner.

VinFast has said it decided to go with this unconventional approach to reduce the sticker shock that is often associated with buying an EV. If the idea of having another monthly payment just for the battery in your EV, VinFast plans to offers their vehicles for purchase, battery included, in 2024.

The VF8, a midsize crossover, will start at $51,250, offering up to 504km (313 miles) of estimated range on a full charge.

The larger VF9 with three rows of seating will start at $69,750, and will be able to travel 550km (341 miles) on a full charge.

VinFast is coming to Canada in 2022 with two new EV SUVs

Source: Electric Autonomy

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