Porsche Taycan Sets New Record on Journey from Thailand to Singapore

The Porsche Taycan is in the record books again, this time after embarking on a journey from Thailand to Singapore. The electric sportscar successfully completed the fastest single journey ever undertaken by an electric vehicle (EV).

The expedition involved a trio of journalists, each hailing from one of the countries along the route – Pan Eu Jin from Malaysia, Pholpat Salayakanond from Thailand, and Desmond Chan from Singapore. The trio were behind the wheel of a Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo, covering an impressive 1,845km  (1,146 miles) in just 29 hours and 15 minutes.

The Taycan Record Run was no ordinary joyride; it required strategic planning and seamless execution. The three drivers orchestrated a smooth relay, skillfully taking turns behind the wheel of the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo. They made only brief stops for recharging, using the Shell Recharge HPC network, made up of ABB chargers with outputs ranging from 180 kW to 360 kW. Thanks to the Taycan’s 800-volt electrical architecture, each charging stop lasted no longer than 25 minutes.

Equipped with the Performance Battery Plus specification and a software update from 2022, the Porsche Taycan boasted an extended WLTP-rated range of 512 km. This enhancement was made possible through advanced thermal energy management, selective front-axle motor de-coupling, and improved energy recuperation strategies.

After setting the record, Porsche emphasized that no special incentives were provided to the participants, and the entire record attempt adhered to existing speed limits to ensure the integrity of the achievement. Leveraging the benefits extended to existing Porsche customers, the team was able to reserve EV chargers up to 60 minutes ahead of their scheduled usage.

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