Turo host discovers his Tesla Model 3 being taken apart in warehouse

A Tesla owner who rents his Model 3 out on Turo has a cautionary tale for other users of the car-sharing platform after discovering his Model 3, which was supposed to be on a road trip, was instead being taken apart in a nearby warehouse.

Frank Valdez, who is a realtor and investor according to his TikTok profile, was apparently tracking his Model 3 through the mobile app. After noticing it was parked inside a warehouse, Valdez activated Sentry Mode and used the live camera access to notice something wasn’t right with the situation.

That’s when he decided to drive to the location to see what was going on, and upon pulling up noticed his Model 3 on jacks and missing its front bumper.

Despite claiming in the video the renter was trying to steal parts from his car, it appears Valdez’s Model 3 was instead being used to test fit an aftermarket bumper, as apparently the renter owns a website that sells Tesla and exotic car parts.

Fortunately there was no apparent damage to his vehicle, and Valdez was able to get it back later that day, after it was put back together. Valdez does say he is going to call the police, but the video doesn’t show if they showed up, or if there were any consequences for the Turo renter.

If you rent your Tesla out on a car sharing platform, it might be a good idea from now on to check in it every now and then, and pay for Premium Connectivity so you can use the live camera access to see what’s going on.

You can watch the full video below (h/t: Daniel C)


Good thing it has GPS and live camera footage… #Turo #tesla #carparts

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