Nikola teaming up with TC Energy on hydrogen production hub in Alberta

Credit: Nikola

TC Energy is looking into the possibility of constructing a hydrogen production hub near a natural gas storage facility in southern Alberta.

If the project moves ahead, one of their main customers will be Nikola.

In a press release Nikola says they are providing “insight and involvement” into the proposed plans and would be the hub’s anchor customer with its hydrogen-powered electric trucks.

The proposed plans would see the hub be built on 140 acres about 50km from the Crossfield natural gas storage facility.

“With our focus on creating low-carbon solutions for businesses, we’ve identified our Crossfield site as a hub to produce and distribute hydrogen to serve long-haul transportation, power generation, large industrials and heating customers across the United States and Canada,” said Corey Hessen, Executive Vice President, and President, Power, Storage & Origination at Nikola.

The proposed hub would produce an estimated 60 tonnes of hydrogen per day, with the ability to increase to 150 tonnes per day in the future.

A final decision on the project is expected before the end of 2023, subject to regulatory approvals.

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