Toyota recalls all 2,700 bZ4X EVs due to safety issues

Toyota is recalling 2,700 Toyota bZ4X two months after launching its first mass-produced EV SUV.

The global recall is around issues with bolts on the wheel that could potentially lead to the wheel being disconnected from the vehicle.

The recall includes:

  • 2,200 vehicles in the European market
  • 280 in the North American market
  • 110 in Japan
  • 60 in the broader Asian market

The vast majority of the vehicles were still on their way to customers. However, some customers did receive affected vehicles.

According to a report by The Financial Times, Toyota is investigating the defect’s cause and urging drivers not to drive the car until repairs can happen.

There have been no reports of accidents from the defect.

UPDATE 12:26pm PST: In a statement to Drive Tesla, Toyota Canada said there have been no deliveries in Canada and none will take place until their investigation is complete.

“We are aware of the recall involving the bZ4X in other markets. We have not yet delivered any to our Canadian dealers and will not release any in our market until the investigation is completed and a remedy is in place.”

At least to say, this is a huge blow to Toyota, which is looking to take on Tesla and other mainstream automakers in the EV space.

It has not been a good news week for the Japanese automaker.

The recall comes a day after the company announced it was cutting its global production target for July.

The company expects to produce around 800,000 vehicles this month, down 50,000 from its initial forecast—Toyota blamed COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions for the cut.

Toyota bZ4X may not be able to use DC fast chargers when temperatures drop below freezing [Update]

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