Toyota cuts production by 4,000 vehicles in July due to rain

Toyota is battling with the elements as heavy rains have disrupted its supply chain. As a result, the company will cut production in Japan by 4,000 vehicles this month, as reported by Auto News.

Heavy rains have bombarded the Aichi prefecture in Japan, where Toyota has extensive production facilities. This has forced the auto giant to stop production on three lines in two factories.

Apart from the rains, Toyota has had to recall all of its new BZ4X due to safety issues.

The weather has disrupted its parts supplies, and Toyota may now miss its global target for July 2022. A company spokesperson said shutting down the production lines would make it hard for Toyota to reach its production target of 800,000 vehicles for the month.

Even before the rains, Toyota struggled with semiconductor shortages and Covid-related lockdowns in China.

The pause in production will start on Wednesday on one line and Thursday on the other two. All the lines will remain shut till Friday. The line that produces the Harrier and RAV4 crossover is among those affected. The remaining two are used to make the RAV4, including a PHEV.

Toyota had already announced it was no longer taking orders for the Harriet amidst the struggle to cope with demand and shortages. It is not clear yet if the company would not have to cut its projection to manufacture 9.7 million vehicles (a record if achieved) globally in the twelve months to March 2023.

The company defended its EV strategy last month after much criticism.

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