Toyota is now offering to buyback recalled bZ4X EVs

Toyota’s newly launched Toyota bZ4X is already facing a massive recall, and Toyota is now offering owners an option for the company to buyback the vehicle.

Toyota has sent letters to buyers to advise them to continue not to drive the vehicle until Toyota can establish a fix.

If owners want to keep their vehicles, they can:

  • Get reimbursements if the car was paid in full
  • Continued access to a loaner vehicle free of charge
  • Storage of their bZ4X
  • Free charging
  • Extension of factory warranties

However, if clients are still unsatisfied with that offer, Toyota is now offering to buyback the vehicle.

The terms and conditions will depend on the vehicle’s specific location and the sale’s particular location.

We have not heard if anyone has taken Toyota up on the offer.

But the fact that Toyota has put a buyback on the table is significant.

However, some owners paid dealer mark-ups for these vehicles, so buyers are currently pursuing reimbursement from Toyota for the overage.

In addition to the Toyota bZ4X recall, the Subaru Solterra is also recalled for the same issue.

So far, we have not seen any of Solterra’s land in North America, but it is unclear what will happen to those with reservations with the car. The same goes with reservations in Canada for the bZ4X.

At least say this is a mess. If you are a bZ4X owner, we would love to hear from you and what you are thinking of doing with your vehicle!

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