Toyota charging customers $8 per month to start their cars remotely through mobile app, or even the keyfob

Toyota might have just gone too far. The Japanese automaker is now charging customers $8 per month for the convenience of starting their vehicle remotely.

The Toyota Remote Connect package is for owners who use the Toyota mobile app, or even the physical keyfob.

According to documentation posted to Toyota’s website, owners must have an active subscription in order to use the keyfob to have the ability to remote start their cars.

Credit: Toyota

Keep in mind, the physical keyfob uses RF proximity sensing to function, and does not rely on Toyota’s servers the same way using the mobile app would.

The cost is $8 per month, or you can save a little and pay $80 for a full year subscription.

New Toyota buyers get a free trial, and depending on which model you purchase the trial could last anywhere from 3 years to 10 years.

Although it seems petty to be charging customers for a keyfob function, a company representative confirmed to The Drive that an active subscription is required.

Owners are cars built before November 12, 2018 get a reprieve and “no longer require an active Remote Connect subscription for the key fob to perform remote start functionality,” says the website.

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