Rivian adds Tesla Superchargers with Magic Docks to in-car navigation and mobile app, fixes 12V battery issue in latest software update

Tesla recently opened up select Superchargers in California and New York to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) with the installation of the Magic Dock, a device containing a built-in CCS adapter. With the latest Rivian software update owners can find these Superchargers and navigate to them from their in-car navigation or through their mobile app. The update also attempts to fix an issue that has bricked many Rivians after a previous software update.

According to the release notes of the 2023.10.0 software update, Tesla Superchargers with Magic Docks has been added as one of the filters in in-car navigation app. Owners can also locate these Superchargers if they have version 1.12 or later of the mobile app.

“Your vehicle now shows select Tesla Supercharger locations with a Magic Dock in the Navigation app’s charger filters. A Magic Dock allows you to charge your Rivian at select Tesla Supercharger locations. These locations also show in the Rivian mobile app version 1.12 or later. To charge at a Tesla Supercharger, you need to download the Tesla app.” (via RivianForums)

The software update also includes a number of other improvements for Rivian owners. Buried at the bottom of the release notes is probably one of the most important updates for those who have had their Rivian bricked after a previous software update. According to Rivian the update fixes “a very rare issue” that caused “an internal loss of communication when turning on a vehicle, which drained the 12V batteries.”

A new feature that will make life easier for Rivian owners when charging is Plug and Charge. With this update the functionality has been enabled on the Rivian Adventure Network and Waypoint Chargers, allowing owners to simply pull up and plug in without the need to authenticate. Rivian does not however that this functionality will be introduced on a rolling basis.

With this update owners also now have access to a one year TuneIn Premium trial.

You can read the full release notes below.


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