The Tesla Hearse 3 is here!

A Dutch company may have the perfect hearse if you are looking for a green funeral.

Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit has just completed a transition of a Tesla Model 3 into a Tesla Hearse 3.

However, it is not just a one-off project; the company is now making the vehicle available to order.

The company has tweaked many things on the vehicle.

In fact, the front end, front doors, mirrors caps, lighting units and bumpers are the only parts they kept.

The new vehicle includes a partition wall with a window, rear access hatch and electric curtains for extra privacy.

The company also expanded the vehicle to 218.9 inches which is 34.1 inches longer than the standard Model 3 sedan.

The vehicle is based on a Tesla Model 3 Standard Long Range Plus and has an estimated range of 350-375 km after changes.

Other additional optional features include:

  • Starry sky roof liner with LEDs and matching illuminated side walls
  • Extendable stainless steel flower racks
  • Under-floor drawer for a scissor trolley or care cases

Derks did not provide the price of the vehicle, but if you are interested, you can contact the company for a quote.

However, we would assume it will not be cheap, considering the Model 3 before modifications cost 51,990 euros.

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