Tesla preparing to make changes to Model 3 production line at Fremont

fremont employee
Credit: Tesla

Last week we reported on Tesla’s “Project Highland,” which will revamp the Model 3 sedan. New permits filed with the City of Fremont show Tesla might be making changes to the Model 3 production lines at Fremont to prepare for the design changes.

Tesla made two separate filings for revisions to the GA3 or General Assembly Model 3 yesterday, December 5, 2022. This part of the factory will go through reorganization for the next few months.

The application shows Tesla wants to erect temporary tents where the Model 3’s body fitting and light repair works will be done. The structure will be up till May 1st, 2023, and will cost $20,000.

The other permit indicates Tesla wants to “demolish brake and roll equipment and its supporting electrical and mechanical utilities.” At the same time the company will provide a temporary floor cover over where the equipment used to sit. This permit was given a higher value of $75,000, which was first uncovered by Teslarati.

Temporary tents, or Sprung Structures, are not new to Tesla. The EV maker has used it at the same plant to accommodate Model Y production lines in GA 4.5. It applied to make the tent permanent last year.

Tesla has changed how it manufactures the Model Y, using larger chassis parts that reduce the number of components. Evidence that it was likely preparing to make such changes to the Model 3 surfaced last weekend when two camouflaged Model 3s were spotted in Santa Cruz and Palo Alto, California.

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