Two Model 3s spotted with heavy duty camouflage – what is Tesla hiding?

Over the weekend two Tesla Model 3s were spotted with unique camouflage covering the front and the rear of the electric sedans. The sightings led many to wonder what was hidden underneath, especially considering the news that emerged last week that Tesla was refreshing the design of the Model 3.

The first sighting took place on Friday night by Twitter user @omg_Tesla/Rivian, who spotted a white Model 3 with the heavy duty coverings in Santa Cruz, about one hour from Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto.

The photos and walkaround video resulted in lots of speculation online, especially because the vehicle belonged to Tesla and had manufacturers plates on it.

That was followed less than 12 hours later by another sighting of a red Model 3 in Palo Alto with the exact same heavy camouflage on the front and the rear of the vehicle. These photos were taken from more of a distance but given its proximity to Tesla’s headquarters, and that the camouflage is an exact match, we can safely assume this vehicle also belonged to Tesla and had manufacturers plates on it. (via Reddit)

One Model 3 with this kind of camouflage would be interesting just by itself, but that two were spotted less than 24 hours apart on the same week that we found out Tesla was redesigning the Model 3 is even more intriguing.

Tesla is clearly trying to hide the design of the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle, even covering a significant portion of the headlights and taillights, indicating these features could be in a for some significant changes with the upcoming refresh.

Some fans even speculated they could see an additional camera near the headlight, however that may be a bit of a stretch considering just how thick the coverings are.

As we reported last week we expect one part of the refresh to include new matte black 18″ and 19″ wheels, but these two test vehicles still had the current 18″ Aero wheels. The interior of the white Model 3 was also still the same as the current version with no sign of a yoke steering wheel, yet.

What do you think Tesla was hiding? Let us know in the comments below.

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