The Boring Company files plans for tunnel underneath Austin Convention Center

The Boring Company (TBC) has filed plans with the City of Austin for a new underground tunnel in the downtown area.

The filing has come to light just days after TBC’s plans for an underground pedestrian tunnel in Kyle, Texas were shot down.

According to a filing with the City on November 3, TBC wants to build a tunnel near the Austin Convention Center, which it refers to in the filing as the “Austin Loop Transportation Project.”

While the filing, which was first uncovered by The Austin Aerican-Statesman, doesn’t refer to TBC by name, two employees are listed.

One of those is Hunter Brauer, TBC’s Lead Civil Engineer and Mike Thompson, Project Development Team Lead & Principal Geologist at TBC.

The address used in the application is also that of TBC’s offices in Pflugerville.

The permit doesn’t provide much information to indicate whether it will be a pedestrian tunnel like the one that was just nixed in Kyle, or whether it will see Tesla vehicles transporting passengers from the Austin Convention Center.

The latter is most likely considering that TBC’s only tunnel currently in operation shares a very similar name and transports passengers from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Since the permit was only filed with the City on November 3, there are still a number of outstanding steps that need to be completed before a decision on the project can be made.

Some of those steps include an environmental review, flood plain review, utility coordination review, traffic control review, and more.

This is not the first permit TBC has filed with the City of Austin for an underground tunnel. Earlier this year a permit was filed for a project called the “Colorado River Connector Tunnel” which would be built underneath Giga Texas.

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