The Boring Company starts full-scale Hyperloop testing

Months after the original Hawthorne Hyperloop was dismantled, The Boring Company announced that they have begun full-scale Hyperloop testing.

The announcement didn’t say where this new Hyperloop is located, but it has likely been built in Bastrop, Texas, where The Boring Company and SpaceX have set up operations.

The promo shot shows a Tesla Model 3 in the tunnel, an interesting tidbit.

Hyperloops are generally designed with an airtight shuttle in mind, as the concept only works in a vacuum.

So, we are not sure that a Model Y is ideal for such an endeavour as it is not an airtight vehicle.

As many pointed out on Twitter, we assume it is just for a promo shot, but neither The Boring Company or Elon Musk have revealed more details.

The airlock design looks like the airlock from the video game Fallout, a lovely ode to the infamous gaming franchise.

Tesla vehicles seen entering The Bo...
Tesla vehicles seen entering The Boring Company Las Vegas Loop tunnel

At least, it is a good sign that the Boring Company hit its goal of full-scale testing by the end of the year.

We have no clue what the company is testing, nor do we know at what stage they are at, but some movement on the Hyperloop project is positive.

The biggest hurdle around the Hyperloop has always been maintaining the vacuum at such a large scale.

If the Boring Company could test and validate a solution, it would revolutionize the transportation sector for years to come.

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