Watch Tesla Autopilot on V10 as it drives 3 LA freeways

Youtuber DriveLosAngeles has just released a video showing how Tesla’s Autopilot feature works on the recently released V10 software update to Early Access Program (EAP) users.

According to the Model 3 owner, the autonomy has been greatly improved and not once during his 40 minute commute did he feel the need to intervene and break Autopilot.

Today I achieved in my mind Level 3 autonomy. I was able to get through an on ramp, 3 freeways, auto lane changes, hov to hov, and exit the off ramp at my destination. In this journey the steering wheel, gas pedal and signal stalk was not touched once! There was a single moment that I needed disengage NOA so that it can maintain the lane on the 110 HOV. That will be an interesting bookmark for your Autopilot’s team neuro network decision logs. The current state of the autopilot, FSD, Autolane change is making my commute SUPERBLY pleasant to endure! =) Many thanks again Tesla!

Obviously, here at Tesla in Canada we do not condone or suggest using a weight to trick the Autopilot sensors that someone’s hands are on the wheel, but this is an impressive video showing just how far Tesla’s Autopilot has come, and how it will continue to get better as hundreds of thousands of people use it everyday.

Automated Truck Platoon Test on the...
Automated Truck Platoon Test on the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles.
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