The 5G for 12 GHz Coalition accuses SpaceX of a misinformation campaign

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Credit: SpaceX

The politics of low earth space orbits and specific spectrum bands for internet services are starting to heat up. The 5G for 12 GHz Coalition has accused SpaceX of running a public misinformation campaign.

The lobbying group consists of 35 5G companies that operate in the United States and includes Dish Network.

The issue surrounds using the 12 GHz band, which both Starlink and 5G companies are looking to use.

The coalition put out a press release earlier this week entitled: “5G for 12 GHz Coalition sets the record straight on Starlink’s misinformation campaign on 12 GHz”.

Within the press release, the group claims that SpaceX manipulated its filing to the Federal Communications Commission and ignored national data.

As well it continues on and states:

…Starlink has initiated a public misinformation campaign by falsely telling customers and the public that coexistence is not possible in the band among Starlink and 5G services – despite nationwide data proving otherwise. (via ScreenRant)

This fight has been going on for more than a year.

However, Starlink’s recent request to clients to petition lawmakers, which has resulted in nearly 95,000 comments, was the flashpoint for the coalition’s press release.

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At least to say this is going to be a long fight between SpaceX and the 5G for 12 GHz Coalition members with no end in sight.

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