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DISH Network appears to use SpaceX’s Starlink to power their internet connection at mobile vendor site

DISH Network has not exactly been an ardent supporter of SpaceX, having most recently sued Elon Musk’s company over plans for its second-generation Starlink satellite constellation. While DISH is doing what they can to halt […]

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starlink gen 2

Dish Network and International Dark-Sky Association sue SpaceX to stop Starlink’s second-gen constellation

Dish Network and the International Dark-Sky Association have filed two separate lawsuits against SpaceX to stop the deployment of Starlink’s second-generation constellation. Both lawsuits demand that the US Court of Appeals reverses the conditional approval […]

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FCC flooded with nearly 80,000 comments from Starlink users urging rejection of DISH Network’s 12GHz plans

Late last month SpaceX urged its customers to contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to voice their opposition to DISH Network’s plan to use the 12GHz radio spectrum for a 5G cellular network. Starlink subscribers […]

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