Volkswagen is considering pay-as-you-go autonomous features

Vokswagen EV production plant Zwickau - VW ID.3 (Credit: Guardian)
VW ID.3 production (Credit: Guardian)

As Volkswagen continues to work towards a working Level 4 or 5 autonomous driving feature, the company is considering going in a different direction regarding how customers would pay for it.

Instead of following the original Tesla model, where users would pay a lump sum to get access, VW is envisioning a pay-as-you-go model.

The CEO of VW’s EV software arm CARIAD, Dirk Hilgenberg, had this to say on the potential monetization of self-driving features.

There’s a new business model already out there — a subscription model, or function-on-demand — where the AI will tell you, you can drive autonomously if you want, for the next 50 miles. We would support that. We could give you autonomous driving for the next 50 miles, so you can relax or sleep or do whatever. (via Automotive News)

VW did not confirm a pricing structure. Nor did the state if it will be genuinely pay-as-you-go or if they would also offer a monthly option.

VW would not be the first automaker to skip the lump sum payment option.

Volvo Cars confirmed back in January that the company would make its autonomous driving solution Ride Pilot available as an add-on subscription. However, the company has yet to release the pricing structure.

Tesla also now provides a subscription option for customers offering FSD capability for $199 a month if the vehicle has basic autopilot or $99 a month if the vehicle has Enhanced Autopilot. The subscription option is currently only available in the US.

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