Dish Network demands FCC crackdown on unauthorized Starlink use

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Credit: SpaceX

Dish Network is pushing the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to deactivate Starlink customers who use the service on a moving boat or car.

Dish wrote a letter to the FCC detailing their demands. Part of the letter stated:

The Commission should make clear to SpaceX that continued unauthorized mobile use of Starlink terminals will not be tolerated. (via PC Mag)

Although this seems a little excessive, it is part of a growing feud between the two companies.

SpaceX, for its sake, notes that using Starlink while in motion is not allowed. However, this has not stopped some customers from rigging their Starlink services to work on moving vehicles and boats.

Dish believes that Starlink’s use while moving would interfere with its satellite TV system. However, there is no indication that it is accurate.

SpaceX wrote its letter to the FCC noting that the Commission should work to approve its application to operate on moving vehicles quickly. Further, SpaceX accursed Dish of orchestrating “publicity stunts” to undermine SpaceX.

Part of SpaceX’s letter states:

Dish has made clear that it will continue these time-wasting antics so long as the Commission fails to close the 12GHz proceeding or to grant SpaceX’s applications to provide high-throughput, low-latency broadband service to American consumers in motion.

The FCC did not comment on the ongoing feud, or the letters they received.

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Source: PC Mag

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