Watch Autopilot detect family of bears and come to a complete stop

Autopilot bears

You’ve likely heard of those rare edge cases that Tesla wants to know about so that it can help develop its Full Self Driving (FSD) software. Edge cases are situations and events that are very rare and unlikely to happen in regular every day driving. A recent video from Andrew Whittle on Youtube is another good example of one of these edge cases, but this time Autopilot worked as planned.

According to Whittle, he was driving his Model 3 Performance near Glacier National Park in Montana. Most of his drive was done in Autopilot, including this moment when he encountered a family of bears. His Model 3 was travelling at 50mph (80km/h in real numbers) when it came to a complete stop after the Autpilot cameras and sensors detected the family of bears in the middle of the road. The mother bear dashes back to protect one of the cubs, and then proceeds to stare down the Tesla until the driver backs up and the bears run off into the night, unscathed and safe to live another day, thanks to Tesla’s Autopilot. Check it out below.

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