Tesla’s output forecast shows a jump in production Q4 and steady growth through 2023

It appears that Tesla is planning a big push in Q4 and a strong 2023 in terms of output.

According to reporting by Reuters, Tesla is planning to push the Model 3 and Model Y production in Q4 leading to steady output through 2023.

The output forecast comes from Tesla’s internal plans that Reuters reporters reviewed.

The goal for Tesla is to get close to the output from BMW by the end of 2023.

Back in April, Musk noted that Tesla could hit 60 per cent growth in terms of deliveries.

However, the company walked the 60 per cent number back to 50 per cent.

Even the lesser goal was ambitious.

Especially when considering the challenges from supply chains, inflation and tough competition in Asia, Europe and North America.

Tesla is now targeting 495,000 Model 3’s and Model Y’s produced in Q4.

If Tesla can hit that production target, it would mean that the automaker surpasses 50 per cent growth for the year.

Considering other companies’ production struggles, the fact that Tesla can set and meet such ambitious targets is a testament to the company’s ability to streamline production.

However, Tesla will need to ramp up production at both Giga Berlin and Giga Austin to have a chance of hitting this production target.

So, only time will tell if Tesla can hit these ambitious targets in the next few months.

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