Tesla AI Day 2: expect lots of detail and cool hardware demos

Tesla held their first ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day last year, unveiling the idea for the Tesla Bot and showcasing their latest advancements in hardware and the world of AI. The event was heavy in technical detail and intended to be a recruiting event for Tesla.

AI Day 2 is taking place tomorrow, and according to CEO Elon Musk we should expect much of the same for the second annual event, with perhaps a few more demos.

In response to a tweet asking for hints on AI Day 2, Musk said the event will be “highly technical” as the company wants to excite AI and robotics engineers to come and work with Tesla, adding that they will “like what they see.”

What this means is that for the average Tesla fan tuning in to the livestream, much of what will be discussed will go over your heads, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the event.

Musk also said they will have “cool hardware demos,” the biggest of which we expect will be the Tesla Bot, or Optimus.

The biggest hint that we will see a working demo came earlier this week from Dennis Hong, a UCLA professor with a focus on robot locomotion and manipulation, autonomous vehicles, and humanoid robots.

Before last year’s AI Day Hong teased in several tweets that he was working with Tesla on the project. Hong later went on to delete those tweets, but this week he sent out a teaser image for AI Day 2 showing the Cybertruck front and center, with close ups of what appear to be parts of Optimus on the screens behind it.

Musk also delayed AI Day 2 to September 30 in order to give his engineers more time to work on the prototype and have it ready for the event.

As for what other demos to expect, we believe we will at least hear more about Tesla’s next self-driving computer known as Hardware 4.0 (HW4.0), if not see a demo of its capabilities.

We have already seen the company testing new side repeater cameras that will be part of HW4.0, and they have also added a new hi-res radar to the Model X parts catalogue that should also be part of HW4.0.

Whatever Tesla showcases at AI Day 2, we’ll bring you a detailed breakdown of the event so that everyone can understand what was discussed. You can check out our first Tesla AI Day Simplified recap here.

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