Tesla China shortens pick-up times

In a bit of a legal change, Tesla China appears to have modified the standard Tesla China Purchase Agreement.

The new text notes that Tesla owners now have 90 days to pick up their vehicles.

Previously, the Purchase Agreement noted that owners had 180 days to pick up the vehicle.

However, we should note that not all purchase agreements were changed.

The Model Y Rear-Wheel-Drive agreement appears to still be 180 days.

While the other four models have changed with the new updated language.

It is not fully clear why Tesla China has instituted the change but it could come down to Giga Shanghai production.

Giga Shanghai has a unique production schedule, rotating between local and export vehicles.

In the past, we have seen Giga Shanghai focus on exports for the first month and a half of a quarter and local deliveries in the second half of the quarter.

But at the same time, we saw delivery times drop, and even the ever-popular base Model Y is now only a 1-4 week wait.

So, we can assume that as Giga Shanghai is pumping out more vehicles, this production norm is changing, and local deliveries are scattered throughout the quarter instead.

We should note that Tesla China has not confirmed this, nor have we seen anything from the China Passenger Car Association.

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