Tesla Cybertruck may come with a round steering wheel option

Tesla has made steering wheels a bit of a controversial feature, first introducing the yoke steering wheel with the Model S and Model X refresh in 2021. The unconventional design is now a paid option on the two flagship vehicles, and it looks like the Cybertruck may also come with two steering wheel options.

We first saw the Cybertruck’s version of the yoke steering wheel at Investor Day. It is not a yoke in that it has an upper piece to it, but it is also not like a traditional steering wheel either because it isn’t round, making it a sort of hybrid yoke/round steering wheel. As with the yoke on the Model S/X, this hybrid-yoke evoked a lot of feedback from Cybertruck reservation holders and customers alike, with many criticizing it as unpractical for a work truck.

However unlike when the Model S/X launched back in 2021, it looks like the Cybertruck may came with an optional round steering wheel right out of the gate. The clue comes from the Tesla Bot update video that was released 13 days ago. First spotted by Twitter user @real__whit, one of the Cybertrucks in the background clearly has a round steering wheel. You can see the full video below, but here’s a screenshot of when it appears at around the 0:58 mark.

It could be that Tesla installed a round steering wheel on this Cybertruck because they haven’t made enough of the hybrid steering wheels to include them on all of the pre-production prototypes. However based on the feedback the automaker received by only offering a yoke on the Model S and Model X, a decision that they eventually walked back on by later making the round steering wheel standard and the yoke an option, they may have learned their lesson and will do the same for the Cybertruck.

If that is the case, the last question that remains is whether the hybrid yoke will also be a paid option ($350CAD/$200USD) like it is now on the Model S/X. As for the price of the Cybertruck itself, we still don’t know that information, and according to CEO Elon Musk, we won’t find out until the delivery event which is Musk is hoping will take place in late Q3.

Here’s the full video. Would you pay for the hybrid yoke steering wheel on your Cybertruck? Or will you stick with a traditional round steering wheel? Let us know in the comments below.

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