Tesla’s assurance to Chinese drivers: your data is stored locally

Data storage has become a big issue in tech, with users concerned about how and where their data is stored. To assure its Chinese customers, Tesla has announced how data is stored in the Asian country; locally. Nikkei Asia reports Tesla confirmed all the information generated by its EVs driven in China is stored in a local data center.

This announcement follows certain media reports that an airport the Yueyang Sanhe Hunan province prevented Tesla vehicles from using its parking lot. Airport staff told the media that a Tesla security feature that scans the car’s surrounding for suspicious activities risks compromising sensitive data. A video of the parking lot has been circulating online.

Tesla posted the assurance on Weibo, saying all surveillance data gathered by its cars are stored offline inside USB drives in the vehicle. The automaker added that neither itself nor the car owner can access the data remotely.

However, Tesla has a data center in mainland China that stores user data. It cooperates with the authorities when necessary.

Tesla’s operation and sales in China have expanded. It sold 93,360 cars in June, including domestic and foreign sales. However, its fortunes were reversed the next month when it sold 31 percent less cars.

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