Japan’s Self-Defense Forces may stay connected with Starlink

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces (SDF) are exploring the possibility of incorporating SpaceX’s Starlink. Since March, the SDF has been conducting tests of the company’s network for their land, sea, and air forces, and is now contemplating officially adopting it in the fiscal year starting April 2024, according to multiple government.

According to a report by the Yomiuri newspaper, the Self-Defense Forces currently rely on two X-band satellites of their own. However, in a bid to enhance their communication capabilities, the SDF intends to evaluate several other service providers throughout this fiscal year, the Yomiuri added. (via Bloomberg)

By considering the integration of Starlink, the SDF aims to leverage its advanced satellite network to bolster their operational effectiveness and efficiency across various domains.

The potential adoption of Starlink by Japan’s Self-Defense Forces highlights the increasing significance of satellite-based communication networks in modern military operations. As countries strive to enhance their defense capabilities and maintain a competitive edge, access to reliable and secure communication systems becomes imperative.

While Japan is considering adopting Starlink for their military forces, SpaceX has recently started catering to government customers with a secured satellite network offering. In December SpaceX launched a new service called Starshield. While Starlink is encrypted end-to-end, Starshield promises even more security with its high-assurance cryptographic capacity. This means customers can host highly sensitive payloads and process data at the security level governments require.

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