Tesla China’s July sales decline 31% compared to June

The latest sales figures for Tesla in China have been released and the automaker registered 64,285 sales in the 31-day month, a 31% decline in July compared to June. This was also the lowest number of sales of any month so far in 2023.

While July’s figures are down 31% compared to June, it was an impressive 128% increase from July 2022, when Giga Shanghai recorded a little over 28,000 domestic and international sales. That month however was impacted by significant upgrades completed that month to boost production. These upgrades required the entire facility and specific lines to be shut down for some time.

This data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) is a wholesale figure that includes both domestic sales in China and exports to other markets. The breakdown between domestic sales and exports should be released in a few days.

The drop in sales in July is in contrast to the first six months of the year, which saw Giga Shanghai on a torrid pace. From January to June Tesla China sold over 540,000 Model 3 and Model Y cars, highlighted by June’s near record setting performance of 93,860 sales.

Despite the drop, it is worth noting that July’s figures represent the highest number of sales ever in the first month of the third quarter for Giga Shanghai.

Giga Shanghai produces the Model 3 and Model Y, and after a series of upgrades since its opening in 2020 now has the capacity to produce over 1 million cars per year. The most recent upgrades to the factory were to retool the production lines for the Model 3 refresh, known as Project Highland, which as we told you about earlier today has now started production.

The factory also recently celebrated building its 1 millionth Model Y.

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai produces 1 millionth Model Y

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