Tesla China sets new quarterly delivery record with near best June 2023

Tesla reported its global Q2 production and delivery figures on Sunday, posting records for both metrics. Those records were set thanks in part to China, which set a new Q2 delivery record, jolted by a near-record monthly delivery volume in June.

According to new data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on Tuesday, Tesla’s wholesale delivery figure for June came in at 93,680 cars. That was a 19% increase from June 2022, and a 21% increase from the previous month. This wholesale figure includes vehicles delivered domestically in China, and those that were exported to other markets, including Canada. The breakdown between local deliveries and exports will likely be released later this week.

Tesla’s sales figures for June 2023 fall slightly short of the all time monthly delivery record. That record was set when deliveries peaked at 100,291 units back in November 2022. However, while it wasn’t a monthly record, June’s performance helped set a new quarterly delivery record. From April to June Tesla China accumulated 247,217 deliveries, beating the previous record set in Q1 2023 of 229,322 deliveries.

That means Giga Shanghai was responsible for 53% of Tesla’s global 466,140 global deliveries in Q2, a figure the automaker reported on Sunday. Add in the first quarter, and of Tesla’s total 889,015 deliveries so far this year, nearly 54% of them (476,539) came from China.

Looking ahead to Q3, the numbers could look a bit different as Giga Shanghai will be switching over Model 3 production to the new Project Highland design. Trial production began early in June, and based on drone restrictions that have been implemented at the factory, the new cars are currently being tested on the grounds around the factory. Given that it has now been a month since trial production began, it would not be surprising to see an official announcement of the new design this month, putting a potential launch in August or September. We haven’t heard of any similar changes going on at the Fremont factory, and with Canada now receiving Model 3 cars from China, there is a chance Canadians could get Project Highland before the US.

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