SpaceX advertises Starlink for RV discounts in Canada and the US

For a limited time SpaceX is offering a discount on Starlink hardware in Canada and a discount on the monthly service fee in the US.

In a first for the company, SpaceX is also advertising the deals on social media.

Earlier this month we reported that as part of Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition, SpaceX was purchasing advertising on Facebook and Instagram to test the effectiveness of advertising on Twitter.

Part of the advertising has been targeted to Canada where one of our readers Jeremy Betts spotted an ad for a discount on Starlink for RV hardware.

The regular price is $759 so with this deal you will get $170 off and only pay $589.

The subscirpiton price remains at $170 CAD per month.

A pretty good deal, especially as this is one of the first times that SpaceX has offered any kind of discount on hardware since opening up Starlink services.

It is not clear how long the deal will last, but if you are interested in Starlink for RVs we would suggest moving quickly.

In reviewing the US version of Starlink’s website they are also offering a deal for RV customers where the first month of service is free.

According to the deal page the offer expires December 31, 2022, but since there is no explicit expiration date listed for the Canadian discount it is unlikely to last as long.

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