Tesla AI Day to be held in ‘about a month’: Elon Musk

Elon Musk has announced Tesla will be holding an artificial intelligence (AI) day where he plans to show off the company’s progress in AI software.

In a tweet Monday afternoon, Musk said it will take place in “about a month or so.”

Another reason for the event is to hopefully recruit some of the world’s top talent in the field of AI. Showing that they are much more than just an automaker, the call out was not just for those interested in AI as it relates to autonomous vehicles, but real world AI that can be used in many other scenarios.

“In general, anyone interested in working on physical-world AI problems, should consider joining Tesla. Fastest path to deploying your ideas irl,” Musk added in a later tweet.

The announcement of Tesla AI Day follows a presentation by Andrej Karpathy, their Senior Director of AI. At a virtual conference over the weekend, Karpathy discussed in detail Tesla’s decision to remove radar and rely solely on the vehicle’s cameras for self-driving.

Karpathy also revealed for the first time Tesla’s supercomputer, which based on his comments is the fifth most powerful supercomputer in the world.

Tesla AI Day is the latest in a string of events aimed at targeting certain themes. In a similar vein the company held Autonomy Day in 2019. That was followed by Battery Day in 2020, where Musk unveiled the all-new 4680 battery cell.

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