Tesla claims in court its failure to deliver on self-driving promises is not fraud

A Tesla owner has dragged the company to court over its claims relating to self-driving. In its defense, the EV maker posited that being unable to achieve a long-term goal is not the same as fraud.

One of the features Tesla often talks about is self-driving. However, it has not been able to pull it off yet, to the consternation of many of its customers. One of them got tired of Elon Musk’s optimism and sued the company in court in a class action suit.

They are alleging Tesla has misled the public about Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving.

Tesla, however, appealed for the case to be dismissed. It claims there has been no fraud in its dealings.

The automaker is arguing that its failure to deliver fully functioning self-driving does not mean the product does not exist or is useless. It said, “Mere failure to realize a long-term, aspirational goal is not fraud.” (via Electrek)

Musk may have promised FSD is just around the corner for several years. However, Tesla has never officially decided when it will arrive. This point is likely to come up as the lawsuit progresses. In addition, Tesla really does not need to declare FSD as completed, as it will get continuous updates.

In fact, all of Tesla’s driver-assist features are still ‘beta’ products.

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