Jaguar launches off-grid battery energy storage system

Jaguar announced that the company tested and validated an off-grid battery energy storage system (ESS) using second-life Jaguar I-Pace batteries.

The company used Pramac technology to develop the zero-emission battery source.

Jaguar tested the system with the Jaguar TCS Racing team at annual testing in the UK and Spain for the upcoming Formula-E series. The ESS ran diagnostic equipment for race testing and supplied auxiliary power to the garage during testing days.

The ESS system has a capacity of 125 kWh and charges via solar panels.

The unit is self-contained and consists of a battery system and an associated control management system.

The units are rated at up to 22kW AC to allow EV charging and are available for hire.

The battery system is made up of second-life I-Pace batteries, and the company believes third-life batteries will also work with it.

Once the battery in the ESS system is fully drained, the battery is 95 per cent recyclable.

The ESS will continue to help power the Jaguar TCS Racing team on the Formula E circuit this year.

The company is also looking at further use cases for the ESS system in other applications.

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