Tesla using Autopilot team on the Optimus humanoid project

Tesla Bot specs 2
Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Autopilot and Optimus teams have a few things in common; autonomous movement. This has allowed the company to enlist members of the former in moving its Bot project forward.

Cars are not the only products from Tesla that can navigate on their own. The company is working on a full-size human-robot known as Tesla Bot that can move about unassisted.

Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla is using talent from the Autopilot team to get the bipedal robot ready. There is an approaching deadline, as Tesla is holding an event at the end of this month where it is expected to showcase a working prototype.

The plan is to borrow its self-driving technology from its electric cars to the Bot. This will enable the robot to run errands unassisted and avoid obstacles on the road.

One sticky point, however, is that Autopilot remains unfinished even in the car. However Musk revealed on Twitter that two features, Smart Summon and Autopark are also getting some improvements soon.

Tesla also charges extra for Autopilot in its cars, but it has not yet revealed pricing plans for the Bot. But Musk promises the robot will be good enough that the average person will buy one for their grandpa one day.

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