Tesla updates referral program to add cash discount and FSD trial for Model 3/Y buyers [Update]

Tesla has made another change to its referral program, this time changing the incentives available for Model 3 and Model Y buyers. Tesla also increased the number of credits owners can earn for a referral, but unfortunately removed two of the most “expensive” referral rewards. UPDATE: FSD is back as a redemption award. 10,000 credits will now get your three months of FSD. More below.

Last month Tesla increased the number of credits for a Model S/X referral from 3,500 to 20,000, also adding a cash discount and three month trial of Full Self-Driving (FSD) for buyers. The bonus offer was supposed to expire on June 30, but as we reported earlier this week that promo has been extended indefinitely.

Tesla has now made a similar change to the Model 3 and Model Y. Previously under the newly reintroduced referral program, owners and buyers could earn 2,000 credits for a Model 3/Y referral or purchase. Now owners can earn 10,000 credits when they refer someone to a Model 3/Y purchase. Buyers can no longer earn credits, but instead will receive C$650/US$500 off their purchase, and 3 months of FSD. (h/t: @SawyerMerritt)

According to Tesla’s referral program support page, this change is effective July 6, 2023, and has no end date.

Unfortunately, while the number of credits you can earn has been increased substantially, Tesla has also removed the EAP and FSD rewards. Previously they would cost you 55,000 and 120,000 credits, something which would be much more attainable now with the increased rewards. But perhaps instead of removing them they could have simply increased the number of credits needed for redemption. The only software upgrade that remains as redeemable is Acceleration Boost.

UPDATE 10:18pm PT: FSD is now back as a redemption award. Now it costs 10,000 credits, but that only gets you three months of FSD. This FSD trial has been added in both Canada and the US.

This offer is particularly good for potential Model 3 buyers. Tesla is still offering a $5,000 discount on some Model 3 cars in existing inventory, so when you add in this new discount and provincial incentives where available (and a free trial of FSD), purchasing a Model 3 just became a little more attractive.

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