Tesla brings back referral program to Canada

Tesla’s popular referral program has returned to Canada, giving owners the opportunity to earn credits for when someone purchases a vehicle with their referral code. The referral program ended in 2021, but was relaunched in the US, China, and Europe last year with a new revamped credit based system.

Unfortunately we have bad news for British Columbia residents as you are are still not eligible for referral program awards.

Tesla has yet to officially announce the return of the referral program to Canada, but the Loot Box reappeared in the mobile app on Thursday night. With the new system when someone purchases a vehicle with your referral code you can earn 2,000 credits when a Model 3/Y is purchased, or 3,500 credits for when a Model S/X is purchased.

The amounts are a little different for the buyer using the code. They receive 1,500 credits for buying a Model 3/Y or 2,500 credits when buying a Model S/X.

Under the previous program both the referrer and the buyer you would earn 1,500km of Supercharger credits.

Owners can also earn credits when they purchase “qualifying Tesla products” themselves, which are referred to as Loyalty Credits. For these no code is required and they are automatically applied. Based on the app the only “qualifying Tesla products” right now are the vehicles, which can earn you 3,500 credits for 3/Y or 6,000 credits for S/X.

Once you have earned some credits you can then head to the ‘Redeem’ tab in the mobile app where you can purchase merchandise, accessories, Supercharger credits, and even software upgrades like Full Self-Driving Capability and Acceleration Boost. Here is a list of some of what is available, and how many credits it takes to purchase.

  • Supercharger – 500km – 1,500
  • Supercharger 2,000km – 4,800
  • Model 3 Roof Rack – 8,500
  • Model Y All-Weather Interior Liners – 3,500
  • Tesla Sipping Glasses – 1,400
  • Giga Texas Belt Buckle – 1,500
  • Enhanced Autopilot – 55,000
  • Full Self-Driving – 120,000
  • Acceleration Boost – 9,500

As noted at the top of this article, BC residents are still unable to participate in the referral program and earn rewards. Tesla’s support page says in the fine print, “Unfortunately, British Columbia residents are not eligible for referral program awards.” This is because of a provincial law and permitted by the Vehicle Safety Authority of BC where only registered dealers and salespeople can earn referral awards. If you are a member of the general public, you can not earn a kick-back, or reward for selling a vehicle.

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