Tesla lowers price of seven seat Model Y in the US

Tesla has updated the pricing of one configuration of the Model Y in the US, lowering the seven seat version of the electric SUV. As you probably know by now, this change only impacts buyers in the US because Tesla no longer offers the Model Y with a third row in Canada.

According to the online configurator opting for the third row will now only set you back $2,500, as opposed to the $3,000 price tag the option was set at before. This is actually the second price drop in recent months for the seven seat Model Y in the US, as it was priced at $4,000 earlier this year.

The seven seat option remains only available for the Model Y Long Range (LR) variant. The All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and

Performance has never been made available with a third row.

Unfortunately with this price drop Tesla has not added the third row option back to the Canadian Design Studio. The option was removed earlier this year when the automaker stopped sending Model Ys from Fremont to Canada, instead deciding to import them from China. That change also brought with it a number of other options that were removed, like the white interior and 20″ Induction wheels (which have since been reintroduced).

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