Aftermarket solution turns on Tesla Model 3 SR+ heated rear seats: save 15% [Deal]

All Standard Range (SR) and Standard Range Plus (SR+ )Model 3’s are shipped with the necessary hardware to have heated rear seats. They remained dormant until late last year Tesla finally allowed owners to pay $400 CAD ($300 USD) for an over-the-air (OTA) upgrade that turned them on.

Hansshow, most widely known for their power trunk and frunk kits and the audio upgrade kit for the SR+, have just released an aftermarket option that costs less than half the price.

The upgrade is a simple plug and play wiring harness, and is priced at $149 USD ($189 CAD), which includes free shipping worldwide. You can save 15% off the price by using the discount code DRIVETESLA at checkout, which brings it down to just $126.65 USD ($161 CAD).

The rear seats are controlled by the touchscreen controls for the front passenger seat and use the seat sensors. If you turn on the front passenger seat and no one is sitting in any of the 3 rear seats, the rear heaters will not turn on until someone sits down.

Click here to purchase yours.

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