Tesla aiming to launch Tesla Insurance across most of the US by end of 2022, Europe soon after

Tesla has been expanding their insurance product to more states in recent months, after only offering it California since it launched in 2019.

Owners in five states can now purchase Tesla Insurance after Ohio and Arizona were added to the list earlier this month.

That is only the beginning as Tesla has much bigger plans for the rest of the year.

According to CFO Zachary Kirkhorn, the company is hoping to launch in enough states to give 80% of owners across the US the option to sign up for the product if they want to.

Kirkhorn says this is their internal goal, but could be slowed down by the complex regulatory process that sees each state with their own rules and regulations in regards to insurance.

However, he also added that as they progress towards that goal, the process should move quicker as they gain experience from dealing with other states.

For any Canadians hoping Tesla Insurance would be coming north of the border soon, you are out of luck.

The company is planning to target European countries next, which will happen in 2023, or even late 2022 if progress is smooth in the US.

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