Tesla updates Design Studio to announce official pricing in Israel, deliveries to start in March 2021

Tesla has updated their website for customers in Israel, revealing the official pricing for their launch in the Middle Eastern country.

For potential owners wanting to purchase the Model 3, the Standard Range Plus (SR+) variant starts at 334,990 NIS ($66,000 CAD). The Long Range (LR) Model 3 is priced at 199,990 NIS ($77,700 CAD). The top of the line Performance Model 3 is available for 219,990 NIS ($85,500 CAD).

According to the Design Studio, all variants will begin deliveries in March 2021.

Tesla also has the recently refreshed Model S to the Israel Design Studio. The LR Model S starts at 319,990 NIS ($124,400 CAD). The Plaid and Plaid+ variants are priced at 449,990 NIS ($174,900 CAD) and 504,990 NIS ($196,300 CAD).

The refreshed Model X is also available to order. The LR variant is comparably priced at 334,990 NIS ($130,200 CAD), while the new Plaid variant starts at 449,990 NIS ($174,900 CAD).

Both the Model S and Model X are scheduled to arrive in Israel in November. The Plaid+ Model S is scheduled for a late 2021 launch.

Tesla was hoping to launch in Israel last year. The departure of the country’s general manager, along with the spread of COVID-19, meant potential owners would have to wait a little longer to see the automaker open in the country.

Perhaps the biggest step to finally begin sales happened when Tesla obtained their commercial import license last month. Work is also finishing up on the first Tesla showroom and Service Center.

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