Tesla reaches all-time high $420 stock price, and Elon Musk makes a weed joke about it

Tesla stock market

Tesla shares (TSLA) yesterday briefly reached a level never seen before for the stock, except in Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s controversial tweet from over a year ago. In that tweet, Musk said that funding had been secured to take Tesla private at $420 a share, something which never materialized.

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After climbing to as high as $422.01, Tesla shares eventually finished the day at $419.22, up 3.4%. The stock has gained more than 73% over the last three months alone.

To celebrate the milestone $420 share price, Musk went to Twitter and had a little fun making a reference to his now infamous appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast where he lit up a joint with the host Joe Rogan.

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According to a 2019 SEC filing, Musk owns roughly 38.6 million shares of Tesla. At current prices, that makes Musk’s shares worth over $16 billion. That’s an increase of nearly $10 billion over a few short months, when shares bottomed out at as low as $176.99 back in June 2019.

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