Tesla turns on interior camera for Sentry Mode and Dog Mode in 2022 holiday update

Tesla is rolling out its holiday update much earlier than usual, and with it the automaker has finally given owners the ability to view live footage from the cabin camera while using Sentry Mode and Dog Mode.

The cabin camera has been a part of the Model 3 since it was released in 2018, but was only activated as a driver-monitoring tool in late 2021. According to Tesla they also use footage from the camera (if you allow the appropriate access) to “develop future safety enhancements and continuously improve the intelligence of features that rely on the cabin camera.”

Now you can access live footage from the camera on your mobile device to check on your car or pet when Sentry Mode or Dog Mode is activated. Like the live Sentry footage from the exterior cameras that has been available for over a year now, this feature requires a Premium Connectivity subscription.

Tesla released this short clip, but only shared a brief glimpse of what the footage actually looks like, instead focusing on the very cute puppy.


However thanks to some screenshots shared by other owners, we can see the feed is accessed in the same way the existing live footage is accessed, and there is now a new dot on the interior which you tap on to access the cabin camera feed.

The footage is also stamped with the temperature of the interior to keep your mind at ease that your dog is enjoying your Tesla (and not destroying the interior) in a comfortable setting.

It is also noteworthy that this view is much wider than what was seen when the cabin camera feed was hacked in early 2020. In screenshots shared at the time by @greentheonly, you can’t see the front driver and passenger doors, but in this latest view the image has much more of a fisheye effect and you can see almost the entirety of the doors.

This is actually the second update to Dog Mode and the third update to Sentry Mode in the last few months.

Back in October Tesla released another update that allowed owners to turn on both Sentry Mode and Dog Mode at the same time. Tesla also allows owners to have more customizability over Sentry Mode settings in the 2022.42.2 software update, with the option to select the clip length as well as turning off camera-based detection.

Tesla updates Sentry Mode with new options in 2022.42.2 software update

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