Tesla to add auto heated seat controls to mobile app

Tesla introduced a new auto heated seat feature with the introduction of the new V11 software last Christmas. As the name implies, when activated the feature automatically adjusts the level of the seat heater based on the temperature of the cabin.

When the cabin is cooler, the seat heater is set to max (3 bacons). As the cabin warms up, the seat heater automatically lowers to 2 bacons, then 1 bacon, and then off.

The feature was only available from the in-car display, but Drive Tesla has learned the feature is set to make an appearance in the mobile app.

According to images shared with us, there will be a small ‘Auto’ button underneath the bacon strips.

Tap on that button and you can toggle between regular controls, or the new auto controls.

This feature is currently being tested internally, and we expect it to be included in version 4.7 of the mobile app.

The current version on the iOS App Store is 4.6.1.

Tesla fan reimagines the V11 user interface with this concept

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