Stellantis CEO believes the company can catch Tesla in the coming years

In a televised interview, the CEO of Stellantis said that he believes the company can make up ground on Tesla.

Chief Executive Carols Taveres said in a televised question and answer session that:

“I am very confident, I am trying not to be arrogant, just confident of the fact that we are going to catch up in the next couple of years with Tesla, and it’s going to be a very healthy competition.”

In the same interview, Taveres called for greater charging networks across Europe and the United States. He noted that these countries needed to create a density of chargers to persuade people to switch to EVs.

Further to this news, Stellantis confirmed plans to cease operations in Russia due to the Ukrainian invasion.

The company is moving current van production in Russia to one of their western Europe plants.

As well, Stellantis will freeze plans for more investments in Russia.

Originally, Stellantis wanted to use Russia as an export hub for their vans, but recent actions have made the company rethink their plans.

Stellantis is not letting off their plans to expand. Earlier this month, they presented a business plan that aims to double its revenue by 2030.

Time will only tell if Stellantis can hit these aggressive targets or not, but the next few years will make or break it.

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