Tesla fan reimagines the V11 user interface with this concept

v11 concept
Credit: @deleetdesign /Twitter

Tesla released a brand new user interface (UI) with the launch of the V11 software in the 2021 Holiday Software Update.

Many owners were excited for a brand new look, but that excitement quickly grew to frustration as complaints about a substandard user experience (UX) began to flood social media and message boards.

Perhaps the biggest complaint was that features and actions that previously required only one tap were now buried two or three taps deep into the menus.

Elon Musk has already said there are many UI improvements coming, but without a timeline one Tesla fan took the matter into his own hands and created a new concept UI that aims to be much more user friendly.

Going by CHROME DELEET (@deleetdesign) on Twitter, the designer created a working mockup that allows him to create his own shortcuts to add to the bottom bar.

That includes the original shortcuts like the heated seats control and defrosters, but also custom ones like increasing or decreasing the fan speed by 1.

His concept also allows more shortcuts to be added to the bar than what Tesla allows. This is achieved by simply shrinking the space dedicated to the temperature display on either side of the screen as necessary.

Hopefully Tesla sees some the ideas this fan came up with and implements them in an upcoming release.

If you have some spare time, you can watch this full 9.5 hour video as he recreates the Tesla V11 UI.

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