You can now provide feedback on your latest Tesla Service visit through the mobile app

It is no secret that Tesla has had trouble scaling their service offerings to keep up with the level of new vehicles that have been hitting the roads in recent years.

In an effort to listen to customers and make improvements, Tesla now allows you to provide direct feedback through the mobile app.

According to screenshots of the recently added feature, you can provide up to a five star rating after the completion of your service visit.

Tesla also asks if all of your problems have been corrected, and provides a freeform text box where you can provide any additional comments. (h/t: @TKuppelhuber)

Tesla has previously asked for feedback after service visits by emailing customers a questionnaire, a method which likely results in lower response rates than providing quick feedback directly through the app.

This new avenue will hopefully provide Tesla with even more information to make changes to improve the service experience.

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